About Us

We’re a small team of people wanting to help you unlock your creativity and see where it leads! Remember the soothing delight of playing in the sand as a kid? The softness of the sand on your fingers, the discovery of the shapes and patterns you could make, and the freedom to sweep it clean and start again all opened the door for your imagination to explore creative possibility.

The Artyzen sand table offers a chance to get your hands back in the dirt in a whole new way! This canvas of colour and light uses LED technology to create even and flicker-free illumination of your sand creation. We’ve found just the right sized grain of sand to optimize the clarity and detail of your design. Use your fingers, or any number of items that you’ll find around your house to create all the patterns, textures and shapes that you can imagine.

We’ve done the work to produce a quality product that has been designed with you in mind. The table is the perfect size for one person, yet still large enough to allow multiple people to play and collaborate freely. The vibrant light & colour and fine grain of sand will engage your senses, offering a welcome, tactile alternative to all of the time we spend in front of screens.

Our sand table is accessible and made for all age groups…you are only limited by what you think is possible! We encourage you to relax and get lost in the process, cultivating mindfulness and letting the inspiration flow.