Artyzen is your path to daily relaxation.

Cool & Calming

From the moment you touch the sand, tension begins to lift. Our products make it easy to relieve the day’s stress. There are no rules, leaving your imagination free to run wild through the sand. The more you use it, the more serene life feels.

Unleashes Creativity

Make any shape, picture, texture, or story come alive. The bright LED lights give everything you create a glowing effect. When you glide your fingers through the sand, your process becomes enlightened.  So, create a pattern. Go abstract. Do what you want and see what happens!

Stimulates Your Senses

Sand Art is more than a visual experience. The provided ultra fine Onyx sand is more advanced than what you find in primary school. It doesn’t stick together or get clumpy. It remains loose, dry, and super smooth to the touch. With Artyzen’s products, your eyes and hands can enter a new wave of sensation.

Easily Induces Meditative State

You can do something fun that improves your mood, while teaching you be present. When you combine stress relief, heightened sensory awareness, and a stylish design, the mind has little reason to wander. Your focus becomes more intense as more tricks, skills, and ideas are uncovered. Just imagine, having a past time that makes you more mindful. That makes you smile.   

The first canvas dedicated to illuminated sand art.

A calming practice where everything you do looks good.

A Color For Every Mood

Handcrafted with Care

Your New Favorite Escape

Explore. Play. Innovate. Experiment. Contemplate. Create

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